Free Improvisations on a amplified clavichord, and Loopy HD Iphone application.

The intimate sound, the delicate dynamics and articulations it can obtain, makes of this instrument the most expressive keyboard.  Originally travel clavichords were instruments to play in intimacy as the sound is not able to reach ampitudes higher than a speaking voice. Today we have the technology to amplify the sound and bring these performances on stage.

Loopy, the sophisticated, tactile live looper app that reinvents iPhone and iPad music making. Layer up to 12 loops with overdub, stereo, count-in, variable tempo, import/export, and full MIDI clock and control support. Structures, textures, noises, harmonies, and melodies mixed in a unique ambience as product of the magic resonance of the instrument.     


The instrument is a Fretted clavichord by Paula Olabarrieta, copy of an unsigned german instrument from the century XVIII.